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The terms of use established by Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corp. govern the downloading of information regarding images, videos, text, signs, etc.


When you download information from this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Do not use or download any information from this website if you do not agree to the terms and conditions.


  1. All the content, i.e. images, video, text, logos, etc. are property of the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corp. Utilization or publication of any information on this website without authorization may violate the Copyright Law, Trademark Law or other relevant regulations. Consequently, the subject is responsible for any civil and criminal liabilities.
  2. Reproducing and/or selling any information from this website or sublicensing it to a third party is not allowed. Illegal use of the aforementioned information is forbidden. Gaining profit from the commercial use of the aforementioned information without the written approval by Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corp. is prohibited.
  3. The modification, transportation or utilization for commercial purposes of the information on this website is allowed only when the specific written authorization from Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corp. has been obtained. The information regarding the copyright or other ownership declaration shall not be deleted.
  4. If the information is downloaded for use, it shall be stated clearly that Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corp. provides it.
  5. If the end user downloads the information for use without consent, or does not use the information according to the abovementioned statement, they shall bear all relevant legal responsibility. In that case, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corp. may request the end user to immediately stop using the information and claim damages in accordance with the law.